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ZestNet was asked to design a website for local contractor and master craftsman, Michael David Lindley. Michael wanted a responsive site that reflected the quality of his work, innovation, design and craftsmanship. With over 30 years of experience, Michael offers his clients reliable and competent service with attention to detail and expertise in a wide range of techniques and building materials.  The site also features a large gallery of Michael’s past projects.



ZestNet Designs Caring Magazine for Community Memorial Health System

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This edition of Caring gives readers an inside look at some of the less familiar programs and services, offered by Community Memorial Health System.

Notably, we discover that the neurosurgery expertise that is rarely found at community hospitals, is indeed found at CMH, through a very skilled neurosurgeon, who successfully removed a large, complex brain tumor from a local man during a 9 ½-hour surgery last year.

The medical residency program article reveals an impending shortage of local physicians, and the steps CMHS is taking to combat the growing problem. In addition to training new physicians, the Sepsis Team story highlights the specialized training given to both new physicians as well as veteran medical staff in an effort to keep their patients safe.

Rounding out this edition is a backstage look at the Heart & Vascular Program at CMH. During a quarterly tour, guests are granted an intimate look at the cardiac operating room, the cath lab, and the electrophysiology lab, as well as the tools and equipment used in each.

View the complete edition.








ZestNet Designs SuperButter Site

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SuperButter is a super-delicious premium seed butter made from roasted sunflower, flax and sesame seeds. The first time you try SuperButter you will not believe your taste buds! It’s rich roasted flavor is delightful.  ZestNet was tasked with creating a simple-to-navigate, commerce-enabled site that clearly states the healthy benefits of SuperButter. Visit


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ZestNet, Inc. was named Small Business of the Year by the Ventura Chamber of Commerce at their 17th annual Poinsettia Awards banquet on December 12th, 2013 at the Ventura Beach Marriott Hotel. Business partners, Duane Eells and Ric Ruffinelli, accepted the Poinsettia Award along with signed certificates from Congresswoman Julia Brownley, Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson, state assemblymember Das Williams, Mayor Cheryl Heitmann and County Supervisor Steve Bennett.

ZestNet is proud to call Ventura "home" and is honored to be recognized as Small Business of the Year. Founded in 1984 as Duane Eells Design it evolved in 1996 into ZestNet to serve the new Internet needs of their clients. In 1999 Ric Ruffinelli and his company, Ventura Computer Systems joined ZestNet. In 2003 the companies merged. Today, ZestNet is a fully-staffed digital and traditional marketing, design and development firm devoted to creating solutions that empower our clients to flourish in their industry.


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This issue of Caring explores the lesser-known services provided by Community Memorial Health System (CMHS) that promote the health and healing of the community it serves.

From the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit’s use of therapeutic hypothermia to prevent or minimize organ damage during oxygen deprivation, to the rehab department’s newly acquired technology to treat the cause of vertigo, especially in the elderly – we see how CMHS has cared for the different generations living throughout the county.

This issue also highlights the importance of the individual donors who have generously given throughout 2012, whose contributions have helped enable the health system to provide these services.

You can read the latest issue of Caring Magazine here:

Caring_Smr2013_1 Caring_Smr2013_2 Caring_Smr2013_3 Caring_Smr2013_4 Caring_Smr2013_5 Caring_Smr2013_6


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Web design has proven to be a dynamic industry, and that isn’t expected to change.  As technology evolves, so do consumer expectations, and it is the job of the web designer to keep on top of it all.  Here are three trends we see continuing to pick up momentum this year:


Visually-driven sites and apps like Pinterest and Instagram have sprouted up everywhere, increasing in popularity and allowing virtually anyone to create and share images.  Even sites that are traditionally more service oriented are following suit.  Auction giant, Ebay, recently revamped their look and feel, moving away from tiny thumbnails to a homepage tiled with images.  Rather than reading line after line of text, images also carry the distinction of being the most efficient way to inject emotion into a message.


With a seemingly endless list of different devices, how do you ensure your website looks just as good and is just as user-friendly on a Kindle or an iPhone as it is on a desktop? We’re rapidly approaching the day where stripped down mobile landing pages and desktop redirects are no longer acceptable search results.  As mobile devices continue saturating the marketplace, mobile web browsing is reaching an all-time high, and companies will feel more pressure than ever to ensure their websites adapt to any size screen, flawlessly.


When people talk about mobile users, we tend to hear them described as “task oriented” and “time constrained” – reasons why mobile sites should offer up only what the user needs in order to complete their task.  Nothing more, nothing less.  While this is true, it is also the case for most everyone all of the time.  Simplification of web graphics and design gets rid of the decoration, streamlines the user experience and, maybe most importantly, doesn’t require a page to load before it can be used.

Regardless of whether you’re committed to keeping on top of emerging trends, or you’ve never changed your digital marketing strategy since you launched your very first website, ask yourself, “Why?”  Is your web strategy constantly evolving for the sake of appearing innovative?  Has your web presence stayed the same because you don’t have the time to research alternatives?  It may be time to take a step back and reevaluate.  Think about your purpose.  Why are you online and are you satisfied with how you’re doing?

At ZestNet, we understand the importance of having an effective online presence.  We can assess the effectiveness of your current site and provide tailored recommendations for an enhanced web experience.  Let us help you get everything you always hoped for out of your website.


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“Image is everything.”
“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”
“Perception is reality.”

You’ve heard the familiar sayings, but how often does your website come to mind when you hear them? In an age where virtually any product, service, or business is merely a click away, how does your website stand apart from the competition?

Chances are, if you’ve researched any product or service online, you’ve stumbled across a less-than-professional website.  While most don’t necessarily need to be awe-inspiring, they do need to instill a certain level of confidence.  Opinions formed after seeing your site for the first time, whether right or wrong, have a significant impact on growing and maintaining a customer base.


What could take thousands of words to relay, skillful design can paint a picture, elicit emotion, and deliver a message, efficiently, and without all the clutter.  It is more than simply “prettying up” a website – it is purposeful, and it can be a key advantage in attracting customers.

Since websites are increasingly the first point of contact people have with a new business, positive first impression is crucial. Earlier this year, Missouri University of Science and Technology released results from their research on eye-tracking.  When viewing a website for the first time, it takes users less than two-tenths of a second to form a first impression.

With less than a second to win over potential clients, it’s more important than ever to recognize that effective design should never be an afterthought.  Does your website need a facelift?  Your company’s image is being shaped every day, whether you’re investing in it or not.  Don’t let a mediocre or outdated appearance define you, and be mindful of the fact that design can help put you a step ahead of everyone else.



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Businesses are constantly battling to leverage the massive audiences inherent to social media, and the over-23-million-strong Pinterest audience is no exception. While the site’s stylish simplicity draws users in for hours on end, it is that same simplicity that leaves businesses wondering how to best utilize this social platform and measure marketing efforts.  To combat this issue, third party apps and support sites have stepped in.  Try bulking up your company’s Pinterest account with these 5 add-ons:

  1. Pingraphy: Have multiple images to pin?  Save time by uploading your photos in bulk or scheduling your pins ahead of time.  Pingraphy also allows you to track repins, likes, comments, and clicks.  It calculates reach, and helps you identify your best performing pinboards and campaigns.
  2. Viralheat: Participate on multiple social media sites?  Recently integrated with Pinterest, this tool helps you operate multiple accounts at once.  Viralheat provides account overviews, logs statistics, and schedules publishing – all from one location.
  3. Pinerly: This all-in-one Pinterest dashboard helps you create and manage your campaigns, analyzes your pinning efforts, and offers tips to increase your success.
  4. Lexity: The Pinterest Report app by Lexity tracks your most popular images, filters out your top Pinterest competition, and identifies your most influential pinners.
  5. PinAlerts: This service notifies you by email anytime someone pins something from your website.  You can be notified in each instance, or be sent a summary daily, weekly, etc.  Find out which pinners are visiting your site, and when your content is most popular.

Heralded by TechCrunch as hitting 10 million U.S. monthly uniques faster than any standalone site in history, it’s no wonder that Pinterest has captured the attention of the business community. In order to be successful on this image-based platform, you need to differentiate between what works for your audience, and what doesn’t.  Choosing the right add-ons for your Pinterest account can not only help track engagement, but also help amplify the transition from pin to purchase.



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In striking contrast to the public nature of social media sites, Pinterest recently delivered on one of their most user-requested features with the release of Secret Boards. Now, instead of every pin, repin, like or comment instantly publicized, you can choose to keep your pinboards to yourself, or collaborate with selected individuals.

Pinterest allows you to create up to 3 Secret Boards, and collaborating on another’s Secret Board does not count towards your limit. If you eventually decide you want to share your work, or you’ve hit your limit, you can change the privacy settings on one of your boards to public, and create another.

With the release of Secret Boards just in time for the holidays, the most obvious use for this “personal space” is scouting out and organizing holiday gift lists. Suggested year-round uses include wedding planning, organizing surprise parties or event details, and maintaining personal photo albums.

In the business arena, Pinterest’s Secret Boards can be used directly with clients when collaborating on new projects, such as developing a corporate identity, revamping packaging, or redesigning a website. Collaborators can pin captioned images, screen shots, photos, and video clips related to the project, with comments or suggestions on each.

This new feature is available both on the web and the Pinterest mobile app. While a constraint on the amount we’re allotted may seem fairly limiting from a business perspective, the Pinterest team sent out an email explaining, “We’re testing out the feature by giving everyone 3 secret boards.  You’ll find them at the bottom of your profile.  We can’t wait to hear what you think!”  If well-received, we may just be given a looser leash with this new feature.



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If you haven’t explored Pinterest yet, you should. Not because it’s the “next big thing,” but because it’s a new twist on social networks, that sets itself apart from all the status updates and gaming apps.  So, what exactly is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a visual social network, or as they like to call it, a virtual pinboard, that allows you to “pin” images you find interesting, beautiful, thought-provoking, etc. You can categorize, organize, and share your pinboards.  You can follow other “pinners” or just certain boards, comment on images, and re-pin images you find from someone else’s collection.

At first glance, Pinterest resembles a white wall tiled with random, yet attention-grabbing images that range from vintage fashion finds, to home construction projects for the do-it-yourselfer. Take a peek under the hood though, and you’ll find that every image pinned links back to the original location (i.e. Vogue’s Facebook page, or HGTV’s website).  Even if the image has been re-pinned multiple times, it still retains the original source link, leading the user back to where the image first originated.  So, what does this mean for marketers?

If your company sells attractive or interesting products, then this is kind of a no-brainer. Take some high quality photos, and post your images with a link back to your site.  If your business happens to be more service-oriented, or perhaps your offerings are not quite “picturesque” then you may have to get a little creative.

A travel agency might pin images of top destinations, or example vacation activities. A food item retailer might post images of mouth-watering entrees or desserts made with their products.  An interior decorating service might pin images of unique lamps or handmade rugs.  What each of these companies bank on is brand awareness and increased traffic to their sites.  What’s more, a recent study shows that 1 out of 4 users have made a purchase after first finding it on Pinterest.

Famed as the fastest growing social media site to ever grace the web, Pinterest may help you increase sales, or it may just inspire your creativity – either way, it’s worth checking out.