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by ZestNet on May 15, 2013, no comments

Web design has proven to be a dynamic industry, and that isn’t expected to change.  As technology evolves, so do consumer expectations, and it is the job of the web designer to keep on top of it all.  Here are three trends we see continuing to pick up momentum this year:


Visually-driven sites and apps like Pinterest and Instagram have sprouted up everywhere, increasing in popularity and allowing virtually anyone to create and share images.  Even sites that are traditionally more service oriented are following suit.  Auction giant, Ebay, recently revamped their look and feel, moving away from tiny thumbnails to a homepage tiled with images.  Rather than reading line after line of text, images also carry the distinction of being the most efficient way to inject emotion into a message.


With a seemingly endless list of different devices, how do you ensure your website looks just as good and is just as user-friendly on a Kindle or an iPhone as it is on a desktop? We’re rapidly approaching the day where stripped down mobile landing pages and desktop redirects are no longer acceptable search results.  As mobile devices continue saturating the marketplace, mobile web browsing is reaching an all-time high, and companies will feel more pressure than ever to ensure their websites adapt to any size screen, flawlessly.


When people talk about mobile users, we tend to hear them described as “task oriented” and “time constrained” – reasons why mobile sites should offer up only what the user needs in order to complete their task.  Nothing more, nothing less.  While this is true, it is also the case for most everyone all of the time.  Simplification of web graphics and design gets rid of the decoration, streamlines the user experience and, maybe most importantly, doesn’t require a page to load before it can be used.

Regardless of whether you’re committed to keeping on top of emerging trends, or you’ve never changed your digital marketing strategy since you launched your very first website, ask yourself, “Why?”  Is your web strategy constantly evolving for the sake of appearing innovative?  Has your web presence stayed the same because you don’t have the time to research alternatives?  It may be time to take a step back and reevaluate.  Think about your purpose.  Why are you online and are you satisfied with how you’re doing?

At ZestNet, we understand the importance of having an effective online presence.  We can assess the effectiveness of your current site and provide tailored recommendations for an enhanced web experience.  Let us help you get everything you always hoped for out of your website.