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by ZestNet on December 13, 2012, no comments

Businesses are constantly battling to leverage the massive audiences inherent to social media, and the over-23-million-strong Pinterest audience is no exception. While the site’s stylish simplicity draws users in for hours on end, it is that same simplicity that leaves businesses wondering how to best utilize this social platform and measure marketing efforts.  To combat this issue, third party apps and support sites have stepped in.  Try bulking up your company’s Pinterest account with these 5 add-ons:

  1. Pingraphy: Have multiple images to pin?  Save time by uploading your photos in bulk or scheduling your pins ahead of time.  Pingraphy also allows you to track repins, likes, comments, and clicks.  It calculates reach, and helps you identify your best performing pinboards and campaigns.
  2. Viralheat: Participate on multiple social media sites?  Recently integrated with Pinterest, this tool helps you operate multiple accounts at once.  Viralheat provides account overviews, logs statistics, and schedules publishing – all from one location.
  3. Pinerly: This all-in-one Pinterest dashboard helps you create and manage your campaigns, analyzes your pinning efforts, and offers tips to increase your success.
  4. Lexity: The Pinterest Report app by Lexity tracks your most popular images, filters out your top Pinterest competition, and identifies your most influential pinners.
  5. PinAlerts: This service notifies you by email anytime someone pins something from your website.  You can be notified in each instance, or be sent a summary daily, weekly, etc.  Find out which pinners are visiting your site, and when your content is most popular.

Heralded by TechCrunch as hitting 10 million U.S. monthly uniques faster than any standalone site in history, it’s no wonder that Pinterest has captured the attention of the business community. In order to be successful on this image-based platform, you need to differentiate between what works for your audience, and what doesn’t.  Choosing the right add-ons for your Pinterest account can not only help track engagement, but also help amplify the transition from pin to purchase.