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by ZestNet on December 4, 2012, no comments

In striking contrast to the public nature of social media sites, Pinterest recently delivered on one of their most user-requested features with the release of Secret Boards. Now, instead of every pin, repin, like or comment instantly publicized, you can choose to keep your pinboards to yourself, or collaborate with selected individuals.

Pinterest allows you to create up to 3 Secret Boards, and collaborating on another’s Secret Board does not count towards your limit. If you eventually decide you want to share your work, or you’ve hit your limit, you can change the privacy settings on one of your boards to public, and create another.

With the release of Secret Boards just in time for the holidays, the most obvious use for this “personal space” is scouting out and organizing holiday gift lists. Suggested year-round uses include wedding planning, organizing surprise parties or event details, and maintaining personal photo albums.

In the business arena, Pinterest’s Secret Boards can be used directly with clients when collaborating on new projects, such as developing a corporate identity, revamping packaging, or redesigning a website. Collaborators can pin captioned images, screen shots, photos, and video clips related to the project, with comments or suggestions on each.

This new feature is available both on the web and the Pinterest mobile app. While a constraint on the amount we’re allotted may seem fairly limiting from a business perspective, the Pinterest team sent out an email explaining, “We’re testing out the feature by giving everyone 3 secret boards.  You’ll find them at the bottom of your profile.  We can’t wait to hear what you think!”  If well-received, we may just be given a looser leash with this new feature.