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ZestNet Designs Caring Magazine for Community Memorial Health System

by ZestNet on January 23, 2015, no comments

This edition of Caring gives readers an inside look at some of the less familiar programs and services, offered by Community Memorial Health System.

Notably, we discover that the neurosurgery expertise that is rarely found at community hospitals, is indeed found at CMH, through a very skilled neurosurgeon, who successfully removed a large, complex brain tumor from a local man during a 9 ½-hour surgery last year.

The medical residency program article reveals an impending shortage of local physicians, and the steps CMHS is taking to combat the growing problem. In addition to training new physicians, the Sepsis Team story highlights the specialized training given to both new physicians as well as veteran medical staff in an effort to keep their patients safe.

Rounding out this edition is a backstage look at the Heart & Vascular Program at CMH. During a quarterly tour, guests are granted an intimate look at the cardiac operating room, the cath lab, and the electrophysiology lab, as well as the tools and equipment used in each.

View the complete edition.