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ZestNet designs latest Caring magazine for Community Memorial Health System

by ZestNet on December 16, 2011, no comments

There may be only a handful of times in a person’s life when an extraordinary community event happens that will positively affect their lives, and the lives of their family, friends and neighbors for decades to come.

For our local Ventura community, that event was forever etched in time on September 14 when Community Memorial Health System gathered with nearly 500 attendees to celebrate a milestone – the groundbreaking ceremony for the new Community Memorial Hospital in Ventura.

Whether you’re just establishing roots in the community or you’re a lifelong resident, CMH somehow touches all of our lives. Perhaps local writer Woody Woodburn put it best: “It’s hard to imagine anyone who lives here who has more than one degree of separation from CMH.” In this issue of Caring, local writer Woody shares his thoughts abut this momentous occasion. His personal narrative on what the hospital means to him is reflective of the Ventura community as a whole.